1. What is Appmsr?

  2. How does Appmsr work?

    Dealing with only a phone number, the robot script installed on our remote server generates random numerical and literal values that are nothing but a password. It takes no more than ten minutes to hack an average password. This method of hacking is referred to as brute. Nowadays there is no single login-and-password requiring application that is fully protected from brute.

  3. What guarantees does Appmsr offer?

    Appmsr has been providing access to the accounts of Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Telegram since 2013. Considerable experience has accumulated over this period of time. This allows us to guarantee 100% result. In addition, the user pays for Appmsr service only after access has been provided causing the user to see part of the required information.

  4. How to use Appmsr?

    If you want to take advantage of Appmsr services, the only thing you should do is complete a short registration procedure on our website. Next, after confirming your personal data, you will be granted access to the Appmsr personal account where you need to enter the target phone number to get data from. Detailed instructions are also available on our site.

  5. Do I need to install Appmsr software onto the target device?

    No, you don’t. Appmsr is an online service which never requires you to touch the target device. It’s victim’s phone number that is only required.

  6. Where to find info about the cost of Appmsr services?

    You can find Appmsr services cost in Pricing. It is worth noting that our users gain access to a flexible discount system when selecting more than one messenger to work with. Moreover, if you become a member of our Affiliate Program , you can gain access for free. 7 How long will I be able to have access to the messenger account?

  7. How long will I be able to have access to the messenger account?

    The access is provided within seven calendar days or until the user changes his password.

  8. Does Appmsr work worldwide?

    Our software works independently of the cellular network operator or a phone subscriber’s current location.

  9. What devices support Appmsr?

    Appmsr supports any devices with such messengers as Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Telegram on regardless of a manufacturer or model.

  10. Can the target phone’s user somehow find out that his device has been hacked?

    No, he can’t. Appmsr doesn’t require installing onto the target device. Appmsr Privacy Policy seeks to ensure that no one ever finds out who is using our services.

  11. Is it legal to use Appmsr?

    It’s up to Appmsr users how to use the app. Appmsr was originally developed for recovering lost account data, which is an absolutely legal action. Be sure to read the User Agreement.

  12. Where can I find the data from profiles I’ve taken over control?

    All data can be viewed in your personal account on Appmsr site. There can also be found and downloaded onto your PC such files as:
    - Incoming and outgoing text messages;
    - Log of incoming and outgoing calls, including their duration;
    - Address book with all phone contacts;
    - Photo & video files received and sent by the messenger;
    - Subscriber’s routes

  13. What methods of payment are available on Appmsr website?

    We currently accept the following payment methods:
    - Visa
    - MasterCard
    - Visa Electron
    - Maestro
    - Bitcoin

  14. What happens after I pay?

    Once the payment is approved (you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the billing company), the funds are credited to your personal account. From this moment on you are able to pay for one or more App MSR services.

  15. How can I get a refund?

    You have the right to get a full refund within 10 bank working days starting from the date of the payment unless your reasons for refund contradict the User's Agreement. At the same time we are sure that our customer support service will do their best to help you in solving any problems you have encountered when using Appmsr.

  16. Can I get data from two or more messengers?

    With Appmsr you can have access to all the four messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Telegram) at the same time. In Tariffs section you are free to get familiar with our flexible system of discounts available when ordering multiple services.

Software confidentiality :

AppMSR informs you that the violation of secrecy of correspondence and obtaining of personal information of other users via the Internet is a violation of the current legislation. At the same time the law prescribes the necessity to inform the Internet user that someone tries to hack his or her personal data. AppMSR operates outside United States and excludes the risk of identifying your personality thanks to the complex data encryption mechanism. All the information about our clients is encrypted and kept on the service’s server and cannot be transmitted to the third parties regardless of the inquiry source.

Secure Payment :