It’s User-Friendly

Simply set up an account and specify the phone number of the user whose data you need access to. The process is then performed automatically with no further involvement from you. Once the account is un-locked, you receive a confirmation message.

It’s Proven

AppMSR is now used by thousands of customers. The technology is proven, and it’s available now. We offer a flexible discount system for repeat customers, and you can access accounts free if you join our affiliate program.

It’s Safe

Privacy is key to our customers, so we use the most advanced cyber security protocols available to protect you. Multi-layer encryption means it’s impossible for your account details to be traced.

It’s Fast

It’s taken us years to optimize the algorithms built into AppMSR. and to develop our advanced hacking tools. The information you require access to can be available in around ten minutes of setting up your account.

How to hack Telegram with AppMSR

The foundation of AppMSR is the series of algorithms we have developed and optimized. Cyber security experts use algorithms to encode and protect data. With the right expertise, they can be used to reverse-engineer and decrypt data. You do need any technical knowledge to use our Telegram hacking tool. We stress you do not need to install spyware or third-party software onto your target’s device. The Telegram hacking process is completed remotely from our own servers, and your identity is fully protected at all times.

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more about AppMSR

No Experience Required – Available Now!

Telegram messenger uses state of the art data protection, as you would expect. The coding design included high levels of security to protect personal information, and user data is secured with end-to-end encryption. It was developed jointly by some of the best programmers from around the world, and the result is a unique communication tool with advanced privacy features for users.

Telegram messenger allows its users to create secret chat rooms where all the data is fully protected. All communications are encrypted and stored on a secured server belonging to the company. Users can delete the stored data at any time using their mobile, tablet device or personal computers. Data deletion is permanent, and no one can restore the deleted data. The same applies to special services provided based on various requests. All these features make Telegram a leader in the field of quick, convenient and secure communication.

Users trust Telegram messenger to protect their personal data and to ensure communications are 100% confidential. This is a reasonable assumption, but no online communication systems can ever be totally secure. Most Telegram hacking methods involve the installation of some form of spyware, but AppMSR works on a completely remote basis. AppMSR is the only Telegram hacking tool of its kind.

Most Telegram users are not aware of the fact that if they don't use the unique features, like private chat, Telegram is just as open as other messaging services, like Viber and Whatsapp, in terms of data protection. With the features of AppMSR, users can get the following benefits:

  • Complete access to all messages and data of the Telegram subscriber.
  • Complete access to address book contacts.
  • View all sent and received photos and videos through the messenger.
  • Confirm the target location with the help of device geolocation

So, Hacking Telegram is possible without installing any malicious programs on the target device thanks to AppMSR. Users can get all the necessary data online without taking the risk of being detected. Our programmers have fully recreated the data encryption mechanism of Telegram messenger to ensure the privacy of user data.

Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them. If you want to give feedback or any other suggestion, you can use the Reviews section or contact our support service.

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Software confidentiality :

AppMSR informs you that the violation of secrecy of correspondence and obtaining of personal information of other users via the Internet is a violation of the current legislation. At the same time the law prescribes the necessity to inform the Internet user that someone tries to hack his or her personal data. AppMSR operates outside United States and excludes the risk of identifying your personality thanks to the complex data encryption mechanism. All the information about our clients is encrypted and kept on the service’s server and cannot be transmitted to the third parties regardless of the inquiry source.

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