It’s comfortable

All you need is register in your personal account and specify the phone number of the subscriber whose data you are willing to get. All consequent procedures will be performed automatically without your participation.

It’s available

AppMSR is on its way to perfection. That’s why we are happy to offer you a flexible discount system. Moreover, if you are a member of our affiliate program, you can get data for free!

It’s safe

Advanced technologies in the field of electronic security and multilevel information protection system ensure user privacy.

It’s online

Due to many years spent on optimizing AppMSR algorithms and optimal server settings, all the required information will surely be received and viewed in your personal account in a matter of no more than ten minutes.

Now it really is possible to access data from any WhatsApp account online

AppMSR is a unique tool developed to allow the user to hack any WhatsApp account. It's easy to use, and packed with features. You do not need to download software or install spyware on the target's smartphone or other devices to be able to unlock their account. All the operations can be carried out remotely using your own smartphone, tablet or PC via our secure server.




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For a variety of reasons, thousands of people want to know how to hack WhatsApp. The most common methods are :

  • To trick the target into revealing their login details. This isn't easy, and you need to manipulate the person in some way. It can be complex and time consuming, and has a low chance of success
  • To install software on the target's device. This is only really possible if you have physical access. There is a high chance of getting caught, and the target will soon realize that their device has been tampered with
  • To work out their login details. This may be possible if you know the target and the type of password they might use, but it's very unreliable. If the person is careful with online security, you have virtually no chance of hacking a WhatsApp account this way

AppMSR has a totally unique approach to unlock WhatsApp passwords. It's 100% proven to work in all cases, and has the following features.

  • You do not need to install software or apps on the target's devices. They can be on the other side of the world from you!
  • The process of hacking WhatsApp remotely can be completed using any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • No technical knowledge is required. Our cyber security and hacking experts have created this tool using a series of sophisticated algorithms. It's so simple to use, a child could hack WhatsApp using it!
  • The software is invisible and runs in the background on the target's account. It can not be detected by malware scanners or security software. You remain completely anonymous and protected
  • We offer 24/7 technical and customer support. If you have any problems with how to hack a WhatsApp account our experts are on hand

Our knowledge of cyber security and encryption of data means we can unlock passwords without being detected. With the release of AppMSR it's now easy to obtain -

  • Complete details of incoming and outgoing calls on any user's account
  • An address book of all the contacts stored by a user
  • Access to all the photos and videos sent through a person's WhatsApp profil
  • A user's exact geographic location at any time

If you still have questions we are here to help. Please see our user review section for examples of how we've helped thousands of people to hack the passwords of WhatsApp accounts.

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Software confidentiality :

AppMSR informs you that the violation of secrecy of correspondence and obtaining of personal information of other users via the Internet is a violation of the current legislation. At the same time the law prescribes the necessity to inform the Internet user that someone tries to hack his or her personal data. AppMSR operates outside United States and excludes the risk of identifying your personality thanks to the complex data encryption mechanism. All the information about our clients is encrypted and kept on the service’s server and cannot be transmitted to the third parties regardless of the inquiry source.

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