AppMessenger is a remote tracker featuring an SS7 interceptor function.

The development team created a remote tracker allowing a comprehensive account monitoring by phone number. The functionality of the software package is entirely available without downloading additional apps and pre-configuring a target device. The anonymity and security of service usage are guaranteed the principles of a full-scale implementation of a SS7 interceptor capable of "receiving and verifying" an incoming SMS containing a verification code needed for transferring a target account to a new device. AppMessenger SS7 Tracker will be completely on a par with any ethical standards, since the target will never be able to find out that someone is currently monitoring the account. An extra level of privacy is provided by our core policy - never showing any interest in who uses the service and for what purposes. This responsibility is entirely transferred to users. the target can never know that anyone is monitoring the account at the moment. An additional level of privacy is provided by our basic policy of never being interested in who uses the service and for what purpose, leaving that responsibility entirely to users.

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Users are guaranteed security and privacy throughout the process of interacting with the service. All the loyal clients can get special bonuses, offers, as well as the access to a unique Affiliate Program that allows applying the service 100% free.

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