Hack WeChat Chat Messages

An application for hacking and tracking account activity in WeChat. A third-party interface for working with the profile database.

Specify the target profile's WeChat ID or the phone number it is registered to:

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    Anonymous access to full message history

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    Media playback tools

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    Tracking and recording of voice and video calls

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    Tracking payments made via WeChat Pay

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    Call listening and call log monitoring

Hack WeChat Chat Messages
  • 20:52 he left in a cab and doesn't pick up the phone
  • 20:52 I'm in a bit of a panic ... 😂
  • edited on 20:52 what to do?
  • 21:04 google AppMessenger
  • 21:08 there you can track the cab order via WeChat
  • 21:12 This is the world I want to live in

Remote access

Hacking WeChat is available without installing and configuring spyware on the victim's device, which distinguishes AppMessenger Tracker from other products on the market today. The launch takes place immediately after specifying a phone number, directly from the Dashboard section.

Fast result

Exploitation of SS7 (Signal System 7) cellular network vulnerability allows to intercept WeChat service SMS message thath is necessary for hacking victim's account within 5 - 20 minutes from the moment the tracker is launched. Please note that the above value is an average, and may vary, depending on the server load.

Intuitive interface

Maximum convenience of working with the service is provided by optimized interaction algorithms. The interface is designed so that even a user with minimal computer skills has no questions. Round-the-clock support service is available 24/7 and always ready to help you.

100% Privacy

Customer security and anonymity is a top priority for AppMessenger developers. The system of user data protection is designed according to the advanced achievements in the field of cybersecurity and end-to-end encryption, which makes it impossible to identify users of the service at any stage of interaction.

How can I read WeChat messages without accessing my device?

Instant WeChat Tracker through the SS7 Exploit.

Use AppMessenger message tracker. To hack the correspondence, you just need to specify WeChat ID or phone number, tied to the account. The software is also able to track calls and payments, and hack WeChat password. Hacking is done remotely, and activity is tracked using a virtual IP address - this ensures that the surveillance will take place without the account owner's knowledge.

Access to message history

Track correspondence in WeChat

Voice calls

Call log and recording

  • Voice Call
    Outgoing call
September 23 2024
  • Incoming call
    Missed call

All calls made or received by the target WeChat user are displayed in the Call Log, with their date and start time, duration, and a list of callers. The user can activate call recording: the application will record the sound of all conversations in the profile, after which the recordings can be listened to online or downloaded to the device.

Contact List

Full contact details

The application collects available data on all accounts that the account owner has ever contacted (corresponded, called, sent or received money transfers, etc.). For each contact, the history of interactions is collected and can be viewed in chronological order or filtered by required parameters.

Dorotea Passo
read a person's messages!
Marina Suarez
Congratulations 🥳
Alexei Lisov
Good morning, friends


Current location and geotags

  • 18:33 I tracked his geolocation via messenger
  • 18:33 Track location via Whatsapp Roses Avenue 2203

    33 minutes ago

The software has a wide range of features for working with geodata. You can instantly track a person's current location via WeChat, find out their home and work addresses, view the history of cab and carsharing trips, geotags sent and geolocation broadcast sessions.

Can I hack WeChat for free?

The hack program has an affiliate system that allows tracking WeChat for free. The task of the participants is to attract new users to the software - for each brought user to the AppMessenger account will be charged 20% of the money they have contributed.

What else you need to know about AppMessenger

Online shopping, cab orders and other payments

Most WeChat users also use WeChat Pay to make payments. AppMessenger tracks the payment account balance, transaction history, linked bank cards and financial statement summaries. You can send payment notifications filtered by payment type and transaction amount.

Tracking Moments in WeChat

All publications in Moments are automatically downloaded to the AppMessenger database. Thus, you will have access to the publication regardless of its further fate (e.g., deletion or blocking). The software also gives you access to the internal information of the public pages managed by the hacked account.

Track WeChat ID and other private information

The Dashboard displays a wide array of information about the account: last activity time, authorized devices, linked phone number, and more. In the History of changes you can track changes made to the profile by its owner: status, username, photo, and profile description.

Statistics and reports

AppMessenger algorithms generate weekly reports showing the amount of time the user has spent in the app; the amount of money spent; the most viewed profiles and the most active conversations. In addition, you can track geostatistics to see what cities the person has been to, how many kilometers the person has walked or driven, etc.

Create an account and get verified in WeChat

The software uses a virtual Chinese phone number, which will be used to receive SMS messages with verification codes. In addition, for stable access to the account it is necessary to be verified by a third-party user - for this purpose the software has several hundred WeChat profiles with a long history of use.

Activate WeChat Pay remotely

WeChat rules require linking a UnionPay card issued by a Chinese bank to the created wallet. When activating WeChat Pay via AppMessenger, a virtual card of this type is linked to the target account. Users can top it up directly in the Dashboard - the AppMessenger account will automatically sync with your WeChat Wallet.

Restore your WeChat account

The app solves any problems with restoring access to your WeChat profile by intercepting an SMS message with a verification code, which is sent to the number linked to your account. Once recovery is complete, you can use the software as an additional interface to manage and view the account data.

Additional tools: Archiving on the device

Data archiving is a convenient way to have access to the content you are interested in offline. Before activating the function, it makes sense to set up data filtering, otherwise there is a great risk of quickly clogging your phone memory. AppMessenger has quite flexible filtering options: by data type, by correspondence, by keywords, by chat type, and others.

The AppMessenger Tracker is Fully Compatible with Global Mobile Phone Carriers.