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All you need is register in your personal account and specify the phone number of the subscriber whose data you are willing to get. All consequent procedures will be performed automatically without your participation.

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AppMSR is on its way to perfection. That’s why we are happy to offer you a flexible discount system. Moreover, if you are a member of our affiliate program, you can get data for free!

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Advanced technologies in the field of electronic security and multilevel information protection system ensure user privacy.

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Due to many years spent on optimizing AppMSR algorithms and optimal server settings, all the required information will surely be received and viewed in your personal account in a matter of no more than ten minutes.


Today online messengers Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram are rapidly gaining popularity. The number of registered users is constantly growing. This is due to a number of advantages over the built-in text message functions of the phone and PC. Almost everyone has at least one of the above applications installed on his device. Not only does each of these apps store confidential user’s info, but they also allow gaining access to the data stored in the memory of the target device. This has become available due to a number of vulnerabilities revealing themselves in the authorization process.

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Information is what is really important. Those who have it always stay ahead of the curves. Not long ago people seemed to communicate via common mailing or stationary phone. However technical advance does not stand still so more and more people choose to communicate via different messengers. This is not surprising as they are very convenient to use. Moreover, people have to pay just for the Internet connection. Nowadays nearly all the communication is conducted via smartphones and tablets. So owing to the fact that information remains to be very important obtaining data from Viber, Skype, Watsapp and Telegram, the applications accounting for 95% of people’s chatting, is becoming very essential. .
Software developed by APPmsr, Inc. offers you innovative product that helps obtain confidential information about personal data, messaging, and call history. The information is got by means of the anonymous hacking of Watsapp, Viber, Skype, Telegram and other popular messengers using the application number access. The given method is unique as it requires no software being installed on the device. The whole hacking process is carried out online via the server; the data are provided without showing hands. The essence of the service is the application of the complex vulnerability revelation algorithm. Owing to multilevel information security system and advanced technologies of electronic data circulation we guarantee our clients their personal data and money protection. This technology was created by the team of highly professional programmers for you to get access to the data of people registered in the given app all over the world.

While working with APPmsr service you can rely on the following:

No doubt that you can find apps or websites that promise to hack Whatsapp, Viber, Skype or other messengers for free. However you should clearly understand that altruism is not a people’s distinctive feature. No one will offer you any valuable thing just for nothing. On the other hand you don’t want to lose your money and pay for the hacking before you are provided with the result. In this case we suggest that you pay special attention to our guarantees:

  • Reliability- Our services are paid right after you have accessed and hacked user’s account. You don’t need to pay until personal data are successfully hacked and the required information is obtained. You can always take back your money kept on your personal account.
  • Confidentiality - We offer the most reliable security system that protects your personal data and obtained information on our website. You can be sure that the information about you will never be disclosed to the third parties.
  • Security - Multilevel information security system and advanced technologies of electronic data protection and account processing. We use modern data encryption and generation software.
  • Support - We work online so if you have a question you can ask it directly from your profile and at a time most convenient for you. Our experts will answer all your questions.

More information about data collection scheme described in section - principle of the service . Nearly every person who has a smartphone uses messenger apps. So, if you want to get information from another phone everything you need to do is to open your or other’s chatting data.

The process of messenger hacking has never been so available and risk-free. Obtain all the needed information about your friends, relatives or colleagues with the help of APPmsr. We guarantee professionalism and complete confidentiality as well as minimal access timeout. Now everything is available for you: Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Skype data and passwords, messages, call history, photos from the devices working on any platform.

Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them: If you want to give feedback or come up with any suggestion, Reviews section or contact our support service.

Software confidentiality :

Please be aware that it is a violation of law and your local jurisdiction. You have no rights to hack. The law usually prescribes to inform app users or owners of mobile devices about the attempt to access their personal data. We reserve the right not to inform about your activity with other people’s data on our website and to keep confidentiality.

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