Sent and Received Text Messages

Launch AppMessenger Tracker for accessing correspondence remotely. A procedure for downloading incoming and outgoing text messages runs in the background undetected by a victim. AppMessenger Tracker does not affect your target's device performance and is not detected by antivirus solutions. The highest performance of this method is maintained by utilizing a vulnerability of global mobile carriers. SS7 exploit allows getting full access to a specified account without any consents.

How to read correspondence by a phone number? | AppMessenger Tracker
  • Incoming SMS are tracked even before they are delivered to the target user. New messages are displayed in the web interface within seconds of being sent.
  • The app is suitable for hacking and tracking iMessages. Viewing messages through AppMessenger does not affect their status for the sender and recipient.
  • AppMessenger also gives access to other data on the device. The type of data depends on the permissions the hacked messenger has.

Continuous tracking of compromised accounts via a single interface