Shared Media Files via Messenger

Media files are downloaded in the background undetected by a victim. AppMessenger Tracker does not affect to the target's device performance, battery life and is not detected by antivirus solutions. The highest performance of this method is maintained by utilizing a vulnerability of global mobile carriers. SS7 exploit allows getting full access to the account without any consents. Download an archive with attached files: photos, videos, and shared medias using the AppMessenger SS7 Tracker.

How to track sent and received files by a phone number?
  • Photos, videos, and documents can be viewed online directly from the Control Panel, regardless of the device or browser through which you interact with the files
  • The data archive can be downloaded to your device, either in its entirety or in parts. As a rule, the download takes only a few seconds: first, because the software compresses the files to the smallest possible size
  • Secondly, due to the high upload speed, our servers are able to provide a speed of 1 Mbyte/sec even for devices with a slow Internet connection.

Continuous tracking of compromised accounts via a single interface